Good day all, if you do not post this in your forum then ill know fire
fox is 100% a scam.

Today I went into Google to do a typical ranking check for my clients
and I did a ranking check in fire fox with the web developer addon
installed, and My website was listed on the front page in the second
position. (i have a screen capture with the time and date in it.) so
good to go! but no... I went to internet explorer and the same listing
for the same domain was no where to be found ( also have screen
capture) So now I'm thinking wth? over 14 year of search engine
optimization, I mean I was studying ink search ( the first search
engine) back in the early 90's. and this is the first time something
like this has happened to me. I also have a screen capture of my
listing search (a few minutes later) with the web developer addon
uninstalled) and guess what no where to be found. Im not going to jump
to any conclusions before i get a few opintions. if you know about SEO
then you know why I'm amazed this has happened. It doesn't add up at
all. Please feel free to respond, Todd Herman CEO of