On Dec 7, 11:15*am, Philip Chee wrote:
> On Mon, 7 Dec 2009 09:25:47 -0500, David McRitchie wrote:
> > Are others having a *problem with the lack of page styling at Mozilla..org
> > such as *http://kb.mozillazine.org/Browser.ca...rent_directory

> > I get messages such as *"The server at kb.mozillazine.org is taking too long to respond."
> > which is an understatement. * Far too long.

> Yes. This is affecting forums.mozillazine.org as well as
> feedhouse.mozillzine.org.
> See this thread in MozillaZine MozillaZine Site Discussion for more
> information:
> Phil

Thanks Phil, It's been five hours since I posted and this thread
never appeared for me. Maybe Mozillazine is hosted on giganews.com
like this newsgroup. I had to do a google search (google groups
search didn't seem to work, maybe too many hits) and found my own
thread no wonder there don't appear to be many postings here. That
thread you referenced is a month ago. Seems to have been okay in
between, don't know when the last time postings seemed almost non-
existant. // David