Not that long ago I discovered I can use my TPM with Firefox/
Thunderbird to have my keys on a safe location. So I followed the
steps in the HP Protecttools documentation (set Master password,
loaded PKCS#11 module) but I can't import .p12 files to the TPM.
Sadly, there is apparently no way to create keys which are accessible
via PKCS#11 via the HP Protecttools, only Drive encryption keys can be
generated, and those are not visible via PKCS#11 for some reason.

The certificates are self signed with OpenSSH, openssh -req -newkey
rsa:2048 and converted to PKCS#12 with openssh pkcs12 -create

So my question is: how can I get certificates on my TPM? I use Windows
Vista and OpenSuSE, but in the latter the TPM is not recognized anyway
(when looking with TrouSerS and dmesg after loading the kernel
modules), so if 3rd party software is necessary, it should be usable
on Vista.