On Oct 16, 2:39*pm, Restorm wrote:
> For years, FF has only been able to print the first page of many
> websites, leaving the rest blank. This has been a known bug for all this
> time, yet I still have to switch to IE to print from my own website
> (such ashttp://www.resolutionfund.com/Seminars-Rewealth.html). If you
> go to that sight in FF and do a "Print Preview", you'll see that all
> pages after the first are blank. This is how they come out of the
> printer, too. *IE shows those pages in Preview mode, and prints them
> fine. *How can the FF developers continue to ignore such a major bug?
> It's embarrassing when I recommend FF to my friends, and then later have
> to explain to them that they need to use IE to do something as simple as
> printing a web page.

There is information about this bug at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=154892
I found this by doing a search for 'print tables' at