On Sep 28, 2:15*pm, "David McRitchie" wrote:
> "Clunker" ...
> >> "Clunker" *wrote
> >>> When I select a link that takes me away from any page the page back
> >>> arrow is no longer hi-lited and I have to go to history and find the
> >>> page to go back to.

> >>> I think that this happened after the ` September 15th update. // Richard

> > The problem is, David, that the new link is in the parent tab and not a
> > new one. It happens when on, say a home page and I select a link and it
> > should just go to the new link, which it does but when I want to go back
> > to the home page the back button is not hi-lited. *This doesn't happen
> > always. *I checked my tab settings and don't see anything wrong.

> Let's try something, *and *we won't even leave the first tab during the first test===
> Click on link * *http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firef...pacity/001.htm
> from your mail that should open a new window with *title of "001 Tab Capacity Test"
> Then click *on *002, * *then *on *003, * then on *004, * then on 005
> you should now still have only one tab with 5 pages in it and it
> should show a title of *"005 Tab Capacity Test"
> Next hit the back button *four times and you have returned to
> "001 Tab Capacity Test" * and *the back/forward buttons show that
> you only have *Forward available but not Back.
> Now click on *040 * and you should have "040 Tab Capacity Test"
> and only *Back button available. * Click on BACK *and you are back to
> '001 Tab Capacity Test" *and can only go forward to *"040 Tab Capacity Test"
> because *002, 003, 004, and 005 were wiped out *when you clicked on alink in 001
> -- that is all normal behavior and has always been that way in Firefox.
> Next Test *with Google===
> Do a Google Search, * in the search results click on a link and you should
> open that link in a new tab (of course, depends on your settings).
> Return to the Google search results tab, *click on a different link.
> Return to the Google search results tab, *click on a different link.
> You should have not *back ability *from that link because Google uses
> Target="_new" *instead of target="_blank" * *
> -- that is all normal behavior in Firefox working with Google, *is thatwhat your problem was.
> You will get different Google cookies if you are signed in to Google
> or not signed in to Google. * *Like most people *using *Firefox you
> would want your Google preferences to be the same. * Particularly
> open *links in a new window *(which your Firefox preference/options
> change to open in a new tab).
> If still not describing your problem, *please supply the url and the exact
> steps that you are doing to reproduce your problem, *what you expect,
> and what you actually see happen.
> Also what *Tab extensions do you see in your * Tools, Add-ons, Extensions
> and are any of them disabled.

After following the steps & upon clicking the 040, the back button was
restored. Thanks.