On Oct 11, 2:19*pm, V S Rawat wrote:
> Today, I eventually installed 3.5.3 and the biggest discomfort I am finding is that ff is not closing the page displayed on last tab (when a single tab is remaining)?
> I think previously it was closing the content and leaving just the blank tab.
> Why would they do this change. What value has it added to ff. On the other hand, if we are having some page open on the last page and someone came whom we didn't want to see it or read from it, we could just have closed thetab, so that was useful.
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> Rawat

I'm not sure if this is Windows-specific, but on my installation
of FF 3.5.3 I can middle-click a tab (not on the red X) and it will
close the old way, i.e. the last tab goes blank instead of closing
the window.