On Aug 1, 6:53*pm, V S Rawat wrote:
> I am sure I have not done any change in FF/ TB. I got a new TFT and I
> was fed up with its 4:3 ratio and so short height of screen that was
> giving small sized window, so I was tweaking in xpsp3 settings to reduce
> the system font size in display settings.
> I did something somewhere and now I am finding that in both TB and FF
> the fonts are coming so small, broken and hardly legible.
> Whatever settings I did in windows desktop, display properties, I have
> undone and fonts are back to whatever it were previously, but TB/ FF
> retain whatever mess has happened and are still showing ugly fonts.
> I tried tweaking in TB/ FF settings done but nothing is improving this.
> In TB,
> - Left pane (folder list) is coming in small size fonts.
> - The top pane mail list is reall mess, too small fonts, broken, hardly
> legible.
> - the right-bottom, message body fonts are quite big, even bigger than
> what these earlier were. Even in this ff ng's text-only messages, the
> quoted part is appearing in different font that is good and small, but
> actual reply of the person is appearing 2-3 sizes bigger.
> In ff, the url bar, bookmarks toolbar, search engine bar, webdevelopment
> toolbar and tab header pane are coming too small, too compact and
> difficult to read, whereas menus and pages text is appearing ok.
> I have not done any chrome setting.
> Even if windows displays get messed up, doesn't ff/ tb have their own
> interfaces to overcome windows font settings and set up their own?
> How to restore windows default for tb/ ff. - without doing chrome settings?
> Thanks.
> --
> Rawat

Iagree with you, asI am experiencing the same trouble! I have decided
to uninstall Google Chrome!