Hi there,

I'd like to modify my Firefox Browser as the following:

I got a php-Script which works with URLs - let's name it script.php.
Now I'd like to send a Link to the Adress where script.php is located
- for example: http://www.example.com/script.php
I'd like to add a entry in the Right-Click-Menu in Firefox which sends
the selected Link to the URL of the php-Script.

Ok - I'll try to explain it another way:

I'm on the google Main-Page: www.google.com, and right-click on the
Privacy-Link, now I want an context-entry which is named "Send to
script", and opens the URL of the script like this example:

I allready tryed to realize this over a Search-Plugin but those don't
allow me to start them over the context menu.

Second try was to edit the browser.xul inside the browser.jar with
this way I got a new Context Menu Entry but no idea how to realize my

Which would be the best way to realize my idea? Is there already a
AddOn which could help me?
Thanks for your Help.