On Aug 23, 11:20*am, "David McRitchie" wrote:
> "John Smith" ...
> > lynngriffithswrote:
> >> Up until the latest version of firefox 3.5 I could copy and paste intoExcel. *Now I can not. *What has happened.

> > I also have problem copying and pasting. I can copy and paste but
> > the result is weird.

> > There is a web page that I constantly need to copy data from. The
> > data is in a three-column format. When I paste it to Excel, it
> > becomes two-column. This only happens after I upgraded to 3.5. I
> > had no problem when using the old 3.0 version.

> > Now, I have to resort to IE for copying & pasting that page.

> I can't see Lynn's original post, probably went in through a list server rather
> than the the Mozilla hosted newsgroup.
> If you *pasted from a web page to Excel before and can't now, *I would
> expect that you change your Excel version or lost use of an extension
> (perhaps you had *"Table2Clipboard" extension)
> Try this one
> * TableTools :: Add-ons for Firefox
> *https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/2637
> As far as Excel and IE *are concerned they *were compatible and had to be able to be
> copied between Office products and IE *and back to the original file with
> no loss. * That *caused a lot of unnecessary baggage to be carried around from
> one conversion to another *and very large files. *
> If that doesn't work what version of Excel, and what is the url with the
> table you are trying to copy.
> --
> HTH,
> David McRitchie, * extensions I use are briefly documented on my site
> Firefox Custom: *http://www.mvps.org/dmcritchie/firefox/firefox.htm

Still no joy with pasting from firefox into excel. Does anyone know
why it happened last week and can the next version remove the issue?