I recently encountered the same problem with 3.0.12 that my tabs would
just keep on loading at startup (but extension like gmail manager or
forecastfox would do). I tried to disable all extensions one by one to
what the effect is and it turned out that noscript was the culprit. I
don't know the detailed inner workings of this bug, but I will keep
noscript off for now. Maybe this was the cause of your problem too?


On Jul 22, 6:36*pm, "s|b" wrote:
> On Mon, 20 Jul 2009 12:39:16 +0200, s|b wrote:
> > I've got Fx set up to 'Show my windows and tabs from last time'. I
> > always leave about five tabs open and this wasn't a problem when opening
> > Fx the next time. All tabs were loaded without a problem.

> > However, since 3.5.1 (I think) only one tab is really loaded and the
> > other four tabs seem to be stuck. It keeps saying 'Loading..', but
> > nothing happens. When I go to the Navigation Toolbar and click on 'Go to
> > the address in the Location Bar' the tab/page opens without a problem.

> > How can I fix this? (Or is it a bug?)

> Weird, the problem has seem to fixed itself without me doing anything
> special. :-?
> --
> s|b