I have same problem. Does anyone knows how to solve it?

On 14 mayo, 15:24, Mark Filipak wrote:
> Well, I'm Mystified.
> I searched for help (see Optional Reading, below) and got nowhere.
> If I put, for example,http://support.mozilla.cominto IE's URL-bar, the page opens in FF.
> This is new behavior.
> No recent changes to my system (XP Pro-SP3), to IE (version 7), or to FF (version 3.0.8).
> I can't imagine this is a file association problem and FF is my default browser (but I tested it with default browser unchecked).
> I reinstalled IE (previously downloaded from MS site).
> This is a pain as I must test my web sites and .js with IE in addition to testing them with FF.
> I'm using Firebug in FF, but not the Firebug plug-in for IE (I don't care about debugging code in IE, just compliance in FF).
> Anyone have any ideas?
> --- Optional Reading ---
> At the support site, I submitted this question:
> "Submitting URL in Internet Explorer opens page in Firefox"
> I searched through 17 pages of help - here's the last URL:http://support.mozilla.com/tiki-sear...e=en-US&q=Subm...
> (Comment: Many entries (i.e., links) were redundant or in languages other than English.)