Hi all,

I'm trying to script Firefox 3.0.8 to connect to a url via cron on
linux, and once it connects, shut it down and check to see if the
connection was successful. This is way more difficult than it should

First, there's no way to connect to firefox on linux without X11,
which is an unneeded hurdle via cron, but that's simple enough to get

The harder problem is that there's no easy way to get Firefox to log a
success message. Using sqllite is overkill, but doable:

/root/.mozilla> sqlite3 /root/.mozilla/firefox/0qq5ag4h.default/
SQLite version 3.3.6
Enter ".help" for instructions
sqlite> select title,visit_count from moz_places where title like

Which shows I went to google twice. The problem I have now is that I
can't shutdown firefox without "kill" , but the next time I start
firefox via cron, I get the "shutdown unexpectedly" message asking me
if I should restore or cancel.

My question is, can I get firefox to start silently, even if it was
"shutdown unexpectedly" ? In other words, is there a "start quietly"
option? I can't find one via "preferences" or command line options. Is
there a lock file or something I can remove? Do the --silent , --
debug, --verbose no longer exist?

- R