On May 5, 2:28*pm, Ruth Harvey wrote:
> Melchert Fruitema wrote:
> > On 05-05-2009 14:21 CET, Ruth Harvey composed this enchanting statement:
> >> I allowed it to upgrade to 3.0.10. *Now it won't fill in user names
> >> and passwords. *I went to mozillazine and they told me to clear
> >> cookies. *I did that but still no joy.

> >> I have searched the knowledge base and other places for the problem
> >> and solution.

> >> I have Windows XP Pro.

> >> Thanks for any help.

> >> Ruth

> > Did you try the current knowledge base at Firefox' support site:
> > ?

> Yes, that was the first place I looked.
> Thanks.

Ruth, an upgrade a year ago caused lack of fill ins of PW and ID and
worse, it dumped out my entire collection of user names and passwords
i had stored, no amount of deselecting and then selecting restored the
capability or the lost IDS and PWS, I resorted to an outside program.
if anyone comes up with anything that will start it saving again, I
will follow this thread, and may try it, but I wouldn't trust it. I
now also keep a list in a physical notebook of all the stuff I have to
have that ff used to remember for me. I miss it a lot, but there you
are, I became too dependent on it.