If FF3.0.5 was a person, I might have already finished him off! :&

I want to burn FF3.0.5 and I don't care if it doesn't seem to like me
as long as it works without crashing!

I want to wring FF's neck if it was a person, since I wrote a clear e-
mail and than I lost all the @#$%^ info! And with my lousy tab and
windows issue, of course the the damn thing didn't save! If only
Google had automatic save drafts for their groups like they do for
gmail. *kicks something--probably FF--to hell* 8&

(And yeah, I know it's my @#$%^ own fault for not writing it in
something where I could save the text. But if you've had something
like this happen to you, you probably understand the feeling.)

*end rant*

So, remembering what I was saying (before it got erased!), 3.0.5 has
been fine for a while and I didn't have any issues (besides it not
wanting to loading gmail for the past month or so), and so I left FF
alone by not updating it and not updating any add-ons.

But now it's crashing again and losing the tabs and windows for at
least the last two sessions. It lost all my tabs and windows except
the tabs in the first and last windows. Or really, I had 8 windows all
working before the crash, and only 2 that are full functioning with
the address bar and able to navigate the internet, and the other 6 are

I didn't update to 3.0.6. because it would show up like this
after installing, and what can I expect from future versions of FF
when it does that to me, and did not restore my previous tabs from the
other FF?

Usually a running time error http://img524.imageshack.us/my.php?i...eerrordial.png
shows up and crashes my browser and only my maybe my windows and tabs
from the last time I started FF are restored.

Any solutions? Even something that could help me save my tabs without
any heavy organization would be useful (it would prevent the 10
windows and 50 tabs issue that keeps occurring with me since I'm not
done with them and won't put them away yet).

This is a different matter, but does Google groups not like people
adding onto old threads? Like Feb 15th on Apr 27th old? I was just
going to continue with my thread at