I searched for "proxy" and found a lot of add-ons.
I can not even begin to evaluate that many.
I need help so that I can make
an informed decision on which ones I want to try. The information
given is very similar for many of the proxies and doesn't help me. I
know what I want; however, knowing doesn't help me either.

Here is what I want:
I am looking for elite proxies having owners who I can trust.
Some of the owners must be more trustworthy than others, and some of
the proxies must be faster and more reliable than others. Some of them
must keep more information concerning my browsing than others. Some
proxies must provide more privacy than others. Some proxies must be
Government sting operations.

Some of the proxy add-ons must be more suited for my needs than
Please send any information that might help me.

B. J.