On Apr 18, 8:39*pm, LoQue wrote:
> It seems that printing has never worked satisfactorly in FF (Mac version
> at least) and is in need of an improvement.
> For instance, go to the following site:http://www.creaceed.com/hydra/reviews_articles.html
> Now try try doing a print preview (File-Print-Preview).
> Notice that it only consists of 3 pages which is a totally mess where
> most of the content is missing.
> Next try opening the exact same page in the Safari browser and do a
> print-preview. Notice several differences?
> 1) A progress dialog comes up (in FF this is missing completely)
> 2) The entire web page comes up in the print-preview window
> 3) Links work in the preview (this is particularly useful if you "print
> to PDF", saving the web page as a PDF document
> Any chance we'll see any of these improvements in FF?

I think you should post a Mozilla Bug ticket, not a request for
support. Google Mozilla Bug.