On Apr 17, 2:03*pm, Rick wrote:
> I am very unhapply about how usernames and
> passwords are handled in 3.08! Every time I go to
> sign in to a site, I first have to look up the
> username I use on that site. When I have that, I
> *may* have the password filled in automatically,
> or not, depending on whether or not that info was
> included when the password manager passed the info
> at the time *I upgraded from I am about
> to go back to 2.x because it worked as I expected.
> I have remember passwords marked in options and no
> master password, I have read several FAQs on
> passwords, which seemed to be geared towards 3.01.
> Am I missing something. Isn't the user name
> supposed to be filled in automatically as it was
> with 2.x?
> Rick

Yes, and it is for me. Some sites may not allow the password to be
saved. From what I've read from prior postings I seem to recall that
this is a request on the part of the site and it's up to the browser
to respect that request or not. Firefox respects that request (and I
don't doubt the other key browsers also do so). So that could be one
reason why the password is not saved. Also when you do go to a site
that requires authentication, do you click on the REMEMBER button in
the toolbar that appears atop the browsing window when you do log in?
If not, that explains it.