On Apr 15, 5:40*pm, Rahul wrote:
> Today I was downloading journal articles *and each article pops up in its
> own new FF-window (or tab). These FF windows are triggered by an external
> application (SciFinder Scholar). *Then periodically I need to cleanup by
> manually closing a lot of open tabs.
> Is there a way of controlling this? Perhaps on a temporary basis wheneverI
> am doing this. Or some tab/window manager where I can close multiple
> windows by selection?
> Best case is there a way of setting up certain domains so that new requests
> from an app to open that domain get routed to the existing open FF window?
> --
> Rahul

There is a significant difference in opening in a new window vs new
tab. Therefore the potential solution (if any exists) will differ.
Can you please confirm if they are opening up in new windows, or new
tabs? If new windows, check under Tools, Options, Tabs to see if the
selection is set to open new pages in a new tab or new window (default
is to open in a new tab). There are tab manager add-ons that will
allow you to tile the tabs and then from that tile view you can close
individual tabs (the add-on I have does not allow you to close
multiple tabs in this view, but at least it offers the convenience of
viewing them in thumbnail view and closing them from this view).