On Apr 13, 11:48*am, Lou wrote:
> Billll wrote:
> > --->
> >> It's getting ridiculous!!!

> > Why bother to go through all these flaming hoops just to filter out some
> > spam? *It is instantly recognizable as spam by the subject line, and
> > your own eyes can filter it out. *I simply report it by forwarding the
> > email (after turning on FULL headers) to:

> > groups-ab...@google.com

> > Let them take care of it at the source. *The IP address is always the
> > same in every case. *Just ignore it.

> > Billll

> Google has been contacted a zillion times. They will not do anything!
> Lou

How did you contact them? The past few days I decided to click on
these messages within Google Groups, then select the "More options"
button and from there "Report this message" and flagged it as spam.
Seems like many were removed from Google Groups in the past 24 hours.
Just went and did likewise for others that just came in and going back
about 3-4 screens of discussion and will see if they also disappear by
tomorrow. Of course that doesn't help those who receive them via
newsgroup as it's after the fact. But for the Google Groups users on
this list if we all take 20 seconds to do that when we see such
messages it looks like Google removes them quickly. Who knows, they
may even start to filter such messages at the source if they get
enough reports.