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> "Ronald Hindmann <\"ron\"@" <"nowhere> wrote:
> > Someone pointed out that there's apparently an updated Firefox
> > version 2 called bon Echo v2.0.0.22pre. Does anyone have any further
> > info on 'What's New' in it compared to the last official release of
> > Firefox 2 (v20). TIA

> The Bon Echo nightlies continue to be built, and fixes for security
> issues sometimes get checked into the Bon Echo branch.
> But those nightlies are unsupported and undocumented. I don't
> think anyone has tracked all the checkins, so AFAIK, the only way to
> find the changes would be to go back through the security fixes for Fx
> 3, checking each bug report to see if someone also checked the fix into
> the Bon Echo branch.

I wonder who exactly is continuing with FF2 builds, despite the
obvious desire of the Mozilla Corp to discontinue support for FF2.

FWIW, I like FF2 better than FF3 for "awesome" reasons and would
really like to continue to use it so long as Thunderbird Gecko 1.8.1
fixes are available.