On Mar 26, 6:22*am, Fox on the run wrote:
> On Mar 26, 3:09*am, "Tony" wrote:
> > Hi
> > Firefox 3.0.7 has stopped saving passwords and
> > login details for some sites eg Windows Live,
> > Yahoo. This started happening two days ago.
> > Settings are correct in security options, but this
> > seems to be ignored. Is there some registry entry
> > that could have become corrupted.

> > Any help or ideas would be gratefully received

> > Win Xp (sp3)

> Wouldn't be a registry key issue as those settings are stored in
> prefs.js file in the profile folder. *I wonder if those sites have
> stopped allowing passwords to be cached. *I understand that this can
> be done (and is done by banking sites -at least some of them)
> providing the browser respects that instruction by the web server
> which Firefox would.
> JB

I should have added, you can try creating a new profile to see if the
problem persists, or try it in safe mode. If that works then the
problem is within the Firefox profile.