My Dad is getting a strange error message when he starts up Firefox,
and he has been getting it for maybe a month or so. Before the main FF
window opens, a window opens with the following message:

[Exception... "Component returned failure code :0x80004005
[]" nsresult:"0x80004005
(NS_ERROR_FAILURE)"location: JS frame::
chrome://mhookforms/content/mhookforms.js :: :: line 492"
data: no]

There is an OK button, which he clicks, and FF loads as usual.

He uses Windows XP, and I think his FF is version 3.

I have been unable to find satisfactory information about this message
on the Internet. Related searches suggest that a program (MHooks?) is
trying to modify the registry and is getting an error message. I've
Googled for MHooks; it's a programming interface which was developed a
while back. I'm also wondering whether this is a virus trying to do
something nasty. Any ideas?

--- Christopher Heckman