On Mar 12, 2:24*pm, "Terry R." wrote:
> The date and time was Thursday, March 12, 2009 12:00:47 PM, and on a
> whim, Gergely Buday pounded out on the keyboard:
> > Hi there,

> > I would like to select a different Java Runtime Environment than what
> > is used now in my Firefox installation. How can I achieve this? I did
> > not find where could I put the path to the other java executable.

> > Best Wishes

> > - Gergely

> Hi Gergely,
> It's not advisable to have older versions of Java on a machine due to
> security risks. *Unless you have an app that requires a specific
> version, I would recommend uninstalling all Java versions in Add/Remove
> Programs in Control Panel. *Then install the latest version here:http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp
> I recommend the Offline download.
> Starting with 6.10, Java will now uninstall any prior versions, although
> not any that are prior to 6.10. *So 6.12 will uninstall 6.11 or 6.10,
> but not 6.9.
> Then FF will use the only version you have on your computer.
> Terry R.
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That would be a lot more helpful if all Java apps worked with all the
newest JREs, but that is not the case. So if I'm doing development
with 1.6, and need 1.5 for the crap out of date timecard app from
corporate, I have to have both, and it would be nice to be able to
choose which to use, rather than have to install a VM.