On Mar 19, 8:51*pm, "Virgil Gebbie" wrote:
> Today Firefox 3.0 did not complete initialization, and was using 100% of
> computer perfomance. *I stopped it and re-tried starting it, with the same
> results. *I removed it. I went to your site and downloaded the latest
> version. *It did the same thing.
> Internet Explorer is working, and that is how I was able to access your
> site.
> Do you have a solution?

Someone may be able to help you here. But understand that Firefox is
free/open source, and that this forum is simply other users like
yourself helping each other out. There is no official support like
you'd have for a browser for which you'd buy (if any of those still
exist - most all are free now).

One thing that you could do is try and start Firefox in safe mode.

See if that stops it. If so, at least we know that it can work
properly on your system. If it still consumes 100% CPU, there is
something wrong that most likely has its roots elsewhere because what
you are observing is not typical of other Firefox users (I know some
have experienced that on occasions, but in the majority of the cases
that is not typical Firefox behaviour so not likely a bug with FF but
a problem with your system).