Hi all,

This is a bit off topic, but I can't imagine where I'll get a more
sensible answer than here.

I'm on a private network of MS based desktops connected to the
internet but a MS-ISA proxy (yes, I know, but its not something I can
fix). We use a proxy configuration script so that internal (and some
external) sites are accessed directly without going through the proxy
- this works as expected in MSIE, Firefox and Google Chrome. The proxy
uses NTLM authentication.

I have a small website within the private LAN which is in the list of
sites the browser should connect directly to. Once in a while, one of
the web pages will attempt to play a sound (WAV file) using

" loop=false>";

This was causing a proxy authentication dialog box to appear in
Firefox. Unless I typed in a valid username and password before the
page auto-refreshed (every 30 seconds) Firefox would crash. I was a
bit confused because in 'TamperData' all the requests were going
directly and not using the proxy.

I then tried using Google Chrome - this showed the same behaviour but
kept running and reported that QuickTime had crashed! Indeed, if I
start up the QuickTime player - it again prompts for proxy
authentication. It appears to be phoning home every time the plugin is
initialised for a page. I could actually live with this nasty bit of
DRM if it didn't crash Firefox every time I try to play a sound.

Unfortunately if I search for plugins which can play wav sounds in
Firefox, the only option I am presented with is the QuickTime plugin.

QuickTime obviously is getting some of the proxy info from MSIE but
not the auth details - there doesn't seem to be any way to configure
it to stop it misbehaving.

Any ideas?