Recently i have noticed with the newer versions of firefox that it has
become a severe resource HOG.....
I have an older machine (Athlon XP 2600, 1.25 GB RAM, XP Pro) that 1
year ago i was able to keep multiple windows with as many as 15 -20
tabs open without a single problem.... Went to a newer machine (Turion
64 dual core 1900 MHz, 2 GB RAM, Vista Premium), and the newer
versions of firefox bog it down with one window and 4 or 5 tabs.....
sometimes the RAM usage goes as high a 1GB.... needless to say if i
even try to have one window and 2 or 3 tabs on the older system, it
almost completely freezes it.... Whats going on here.... Would
downgrading back to the older versions be a wise decision??? Any
suggestions would be great.