On Dec 4, 6:01*pm, "Terry R." wrote:
> The date and time was 12/4/2008 11:58 AM, and on a whim, JM pounded out
> on the keyboard:
> > Terry R. wrote:
> >> Most of the time, I visit a site and if a cookie needs to be set, I'll
> >> allow it. *Some sites I visit require multiple clicking to confirm
> >> setting of cookies, even though I have "Use my choice for all cookies on
> >> this site" checked.

> >> I'm searching Blackberry forums right now and I've clicked over 5 times
> >> on Allow and it's still on screen. *Is FF not getting the info to "use
> >> my choice"? *This only happened since v3.

> > I've had the same issue with firefox 3 on kaspersky's website. There
> > were about a dozen cookie windows that I had to click on. The
> > confirmation window for cookies got annoying after a while, so I've just
> > been allowing all cookies automatically lately.

> Hi JM,
> If allowing them all the time fixes it, then it must be a bug in the
> dialog box confirmation. *It happens pretty frequently, but today at the
> Blackberry forums was the most I've had to click through. *I quit
> counting after 12, and all for the same site.
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I've experienced the same thing. It's seems like the site is asking
for a cookie many times, and subsequent requests are not being blocked
by the first confirmation request. This is different behavior with the
last update to FF 3.0.5.