On Dec 22, 3:44*am, CRG wrote:
> Having used V2 on an XP machine without problems, I loaded v3 on my
> laptop and often had occasions where the program didn't shut down. When
> next opening the program I got the message that FF was already running,
> and sure enough when checking task manager it was there with over
> 100000k (memory loss?)
> With the warnings about v2 being discontinued, I took the plunge and
> loaded v3 on the XP desktop.
> Yes the XP machine now suffers from FF not closing.
> I have read the various tweaks and tried them and they have had no effect..
> Is there any real solution to this problem?

I have experienced that twice in the past week or so. But beyond
being a bit of a pain having to go into task manager to kill the task
firefox.exe it hasn't caused any real problems. Are you experiencing
this behaviour all the time?