den wrote:
> hey all....
> i have f/f version (and plz dont tell me to update,, i use this one as its latest that
> allows 'star-download' ...... later ones are a mis-match,, got that outta the way first
> cos' i knew someone would ask when my version was noted;; and i dont want to lose star-downloader.)
> now,, heres my reason for being here,, i have simply forgotton how to or/and what to do in
> order to back up my book-marks; or 'bookmark folder',, whichever.
> i got a feeling that my puter might go 'fweeeeeeet' real soon,, and i'd like to back up
> everything thats important in appropriate folders and burn them all to disk..
> naturally, after, and if the puter dies, i'd like to know how to put the jigsaw bits back together
> when new o/s is installed and after i put f/f on it.
> anyone got a few mins to run me through it?
> thanks.
> (btw,, what gives with some of the other f/f groups?? i posted this msg into 3 a few days ago but
> havent seen any movement in group at all,,, 'cept for one that is full of Hendrix,, whatever the
> heck thats all about.)

Bookmarks were stored in bookmarks.html back then. It is located in
your profile folder. Simply back that up. Better yet back up your
entire profile folder to be sure.