On Nov 27, 1:10*pm, "Moz Champion (Dan)"
> Fox on the run wrote:
> > On Nov 27, 12:33 pm, sherry wrote:
> >> Moz Champion (Dan) wrote:
> >>> sherry wrote:
> >>>> I'll never get used to these satanic bookmarks. too bad someone could
> >>>> not program them like they used to be in netscape.
> >>> Simply Bookmark this Page Cntrl D *(same as it was in Netscape)
> >>> Then when you want to go back there, select if from the menu (same asit
> >>> was in Netscape)
> >>> So what's so difficult to get used to?
> >> All I want is a folder that is named sherry's bookmarks. nothing else
> >> showing. then when I bookmark a page it goes into a folder I named
> >> under my bookmark folders. simple.

> > That might have worked when there were only a few dozen sites one
> > might have bookmarked. *But these days it is not unheard of for people
> > to have a few hundred bookmarks or more. *Using sub-folders is a
> > logical way to organize them. *But you don't have to do that. *You can
> > still hit Ctrl-D as was mentioned and accept the default - Bookmark
> > Folder. *Thus all your bookmarks will be listed under the main
> > bookmarks section. * There are much more efficient ways to leverage
> > bookmarks. *However you are still able to use it in its most basic
> > form. *In that sense it can still works like it always has. *Is there
> > something we are missing in how you want your bookmarks to work?
> > Doesn't Ctrl-D and accepting the default "Bookmark Menu" yield the
> > results you desire?

> > JB

> Um, if you simply select the folder you want in the save Bookmark
> dialogue, then all future bookmarkings will go to that folder, there is
> no need to use the default bookmark folder if you don't want to.
> To do what Sherry wants, it's simple
> Bookmarks-->Organize Bookmarks
> Select Bookmarks Menu
> Select 'New Folder' from the menu button (2nd from the left) on the window
> name the folder "Sherry's Bookmarks"
> That folder will now appear in the Bookmark Menu
> You can move existing bookmarks into it if you wish
> Now, select a site to bookmark
> In the new bookmark dialogue select the new folder "Sherry's Bookmarks"
> using the downward pointing triangle beside the folder entry
> select the folder you want and then select the upward pointing triangle
> beside it (this moves "Sherry's Bookmarks" into the default postion)
> Now select another site to Bookmark.. it will automatically have
> "Sherry's Bookmarks" pre-selected as the destination.
> That, I think is what Sherry wants

I suspected that was the case but didn't bother to test that behaviour
so didn't mention it. Plus I didn't see the need to create a sub-
folder if all you were going to do was dump everything into the same
one anyhow. Just as well dump everything at the root and dispense
with having to navigate to the sub-folder to see your bookmarks.

Either way, it still does what it always did. Not clear on what it is
Sherry wants to do that she believes she no longer can do.