Hi All,

It's been a tedious week I am wanting to find a solution for the
problem which are displayed as squares but now before I give up if
somebody could help me, i would be very much grateful. Let me
my environment

I am porting Firefox on MIPS platform and have developed the cross
compiler for MIPS. I have compiled all the required packages and have
compiled mozilla as well. All of this is over DirectFB. But my
doesn't start at all. It somewhat hangs. I tried to step down to see
if other installed packages are working

I verified TestGTKEmbed. It displays the layout but no text
I verified gtk-demo. All texts are replaced by small squares
I verified pango/examples/.libs/cairoshape. This also replaced text
small squares.

All of the above 3 tests have the Pango warning ** failed to create
cairo scaled font...... &
Pang WARNING ** shaping failure........

The following is what I have done
1) Followed the steps given in https://wiki.mozilla.org/Mobile/DFBPorting
2) Have done with the help of the script and manual also
3)Have checked with higher and lower versions of fontconfig/cairo/
pango packages
4)Have copied all the fonts from the Linux machine to /usr/share/
of my target
5) Have run fc-cache -rvf
6) Have tried with different fonts followed by fc-cache -rvf

I have a strong suspicion on my target environment. It would be more
helpful if somebody could tell me what I have to copy from host to
target to avoid this error

Am totally stuck. Could any of you please guide me somewhere?