On Nov 24, 6:54*am, "Koki TOMOEDA" wrote:
> Helo, my internet on Firefox isn't working,. In my school PCs, we have
> got strict security but some people's Firefox does WORK!!!
> Can you send me some ideas for this problem?
> Thanks
> K.T.
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You are asking us to help you get around your school system
administrator's configuration. Administering a network is not an easy
task. Having everybody use the same software configuration makes it
easier to maintain. Clearly the sysadmin has chosen IE for whatever

So ideas on how to get around this problem...
1 - go talk to the sysadmin and find out if Firefox could be added to
the list of approved software.
- if not, find out why (if the sysadmin is prepared to discuss
this with you) and then see if you can come up with a solution where
FF could be used while still making it easy for the sysadmin to manage
installed software on the network and auditing of Internet activity.

As you said, others have done it so it can be done. But if you are
going to go behind the sysadmin's back like others appear to have done
be prepared for the consequences if/when you are caught. Or learn to
live with the browser you are provided with when using a public

I'm sure someone will come to your rescue. But it won't be a sysadmin
I am pretty certain because they will appreciate the challenges of
managing a network and the software installed on the hosts and how an
unauthorized application can cause them headaches.