On Nov 24, 5:14*am, "Travman" wrote:
> 1. Started up my computer with Mozilla this morning
> 2. Overnight whilst I was asleep all of my bookmarks disappeared?
> 3. How do I get them back?
> 4. As an experiment I went to a web page. Tried to bookmark it.
> * * Nothing happened!
> 5. Re-installed Mozilla-same-no bookmarks,can't import them,can't
> * * even save a new one!!
> * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *Why do they make it so hard.
> * * If they want to copy Explorer why not keep all of the old easy touse
> * * handles?

A few possibilities depending on the version of FF you are running.
If running version 3, wonder if perhaps they are all as unsorted all
of a sudden. What version of FF are you running? If version 3, did
you just upgrade to it by chance? Did you have your bookmarks sorted
into folders before or all in one unsorted list? I ask this because
like any new bookmark, if all you do is click on the star to bookmark
it, it is treated as an unsorted bookmark and will not show up in the
default pull down menu until you go into Organize Bookmarks and place
it in a category (I don't agree with that behaviour, but that's the
way that feature works - leads to problems for those not aware of

To recover lost bookmarks you could have tried (assuming you are
running version 3 - 2 can also but I forget the exact menu options)
Bookmarks, Organize Bookmarks, and then Import and Backup, then choose
Restore and select a backup of your bookmarks. I say you could have,
but with the re-install of FF I'm not sure if you ended up with a new
profile, or if it re-uses the profile it finds on the system.

If you've ended up with a new profile, you could do a search of your
hard drive for files called bookmarks*.* which will not only hit on
bookmarks.html and bookmarks.bak, but the backup bookmarks in the
backup folder. You can import a bookmarks.html file (or the .bak one
- may have to rename it to .html first). As for the bookmarks-yyyy-mm-
dd.js files, you could copy those over to your current profile's
backup folder to recover from them. I don't want to get into a long
winded set of instructions on how to figure out your current profile
and its backup folder and then how to copy the other one over without
first knowing the version of FF you are running, and if any of the
previous apply.

Anybody know if a re-install of FF uses the old profile folder or if
it creates a new one?