On 15 Nov, 02:33, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> I've noticed recently that when I click on the X (Windows title ) *...
> Firefox sits there for a few seconds, then disappears, then CPU usage
> spikes and it takes at least another 20 seconds for Firefox to close.

I have had a similar experience. I tend to close Firefox at times and
then restart it to clear the cache, etc. I keep getting the message
that Firefox is still running -and it shows as running in the Task

Reading through back-issues here, I may have found a solution.
Find the profiles.ini and (after making a back up copy) change:
from: IsRelative= 1
to IsRelative= 0
and put in full path to the default folder -e.g.
from Path=Profiles/abcdefg.default
to: Path=C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox

So far it seems to stop Firefox far faster....
I hope that this helps you.

(Firefox 3.0.4 on XP SP2.)