On Jan 22, 10:17*am, charles cashion wrote:
> I have been running Thunderbird 2.0.23 and
> I just installed Thunderbird 3.0.1 and I find
> that message filters are not working.
> Here are the steps which were taken.
> while viewing any message from mozilla.support.thunderbird
> Select Message > Create Filter From Message...
> the "Filter Rules" window appears
> Enter a (unique) name in the top window
> select "Match any..."
> Select From
> Select Contains
> leave 3rd window as is or enter as desired
> Under "Perform these actions:"
> from the drop down menu Select "Delete Message"
> Click OK
> "Filter Rules" windows dissolves and
> "Message Filters" window appears
> * * * * *(the new "unique" filter is not evident)
> Click X to close Message Filters window
> Click Tools > Message Filters...
> and observe that the filter is not there.
> Under Tb 2.0.23, the new created filter would appear
> in the Tools > Message Filters... window
> Thank you,
> Charles

No solution for me either. I've tried everything I can think of.
This was a bug in 3.0 which persists.
Wish someone would spell out solution.