On Jan 21, 5:09*am, John Corliss wrote:
> Larry Sheldon wrote:
> > John Corliss wrote:
> >> Chulann wrote:

> >>> The developers, in their infinite wisdom, (LOL) decided the reader
> >>> should never be shown one of their own names. Just as a point of
> >>> semantics, why did the developers choose the replacement "You".
> >>> Shouldn't the reader be referenced as "Me"?

> >> You know, just a reminder, Thunderbird is freeware and is an excellent
> >> program. It shouldn't hurt you to show a little respect and appreciation
> >> to the developers. Slamming their intellectual prowess isn't really
> >> called for here. They worked real hard to make (IMO) the best version of
> >> TB3. Yes, I agree in that I don't particularly care for this "You"
> >> feature, but I just dealt with it and moved on rather than posting
> >> remarks ridiculing the developers.

> > I'm sorry, but when developers, directly paid or not, loose sight of the
> > product and encrust it with poorly designed, marginally functional
> > "features" that nobody wants, they are going to loose my business,

> The issue here is that it's not "business". Business would be if you're
> giving something in return for what they're giving you. However, they're
> giving you something for free. It seems to me that the proper way to
> show one's appreciation would be to act courteously when referring to
> the developers.
> > which is a direct measure of meaningful respect. (And if I am wrong and
> > somebody wants these trinkets, how about leaving the defaults alone and
> > add the silly trinkets as add-ons?)

> > I first started using Netscape for email (or was it it Mosaic?) when I
> > needed to get loose from the unix CLI world where I was actually able to
> > useful work efficiently.

> > If I want games and toys, I'll use games and toys.

> > What I want here is a way to read and process email--and I want it to
> > be the electric equivalent of black ink of white or yellow paper.

> > And I certainly don't want to read any patronizing lectures on who I
> > "owe" respect to.

> Well, I don't understand why you can't simply mention your dislikes and
> issues without insulting anybody. However, that's your call. I've
> probably done the same in the past, but at this point, I've learned to
> show some respect.
> And it always should be remembered that you catch more bees with honey
> than with feces.
> --
> John Corliss

OTOH, there *are* some folks who are more interested in catching
scarab beetles than catching bees, and, in that case . . . . . see

:-) Charlie