I've setup TB 3.0.1 to use Plain Text for message composition/replies.
I'm seeing the following behavior in TB and want to know if there's
any way to fix this:

Majority of the email that I receive is in HTML format. When I select
an HTML message and click reply, since the reply is in Plain Text
format, all the quote marks are changed with ">" which is fine. But I
notice that TB adds extra asterisk "*" in message headers for the
reply as seen below:

On 1/6/2010 7:16 AM, xxx wrote:

> _____________________________________________
> *****From:* user1
> *****Sent:* Tuesday, January 05, 2010 8:14 PM
> *****To:* user2; user3
> *****Subject:* test

Notice the extra ****** in the From, Sent, To and Subject Fields above
at the beginning of each?. I've used other email clients like Pine in
the same situation and they do not have this issue. So this is a TB
specific thing which is very annoying. I know that someone may come
back and say, why don't I use HTML format. Thanks, but no thanks. HTML
is not my cup of tea, sorry. These type of minor things in TB irks me
preventing to use TB full time :-(

Is there any way to fix this in TB via any config tweak/extension?