Want to know if this is an expected behavior in TB 3.0.1 or am I
missing anything.

I've setup TB 3.0.1 against my IMAP server. All my folders including
sent-mail folder reside on my IMAP folder. That way I can access email
from multiple PCs using any email client setup for IMAP. The scenario
is as follows:

1. I've setup TB such that a copy of my email message is saved in the
sent-mail folder on my IMAP server. No issues here.

2. I access my email from another email client on another PC using the
same IMAP setup as above, and can see and access the IMAP sent-mail
folder and delete the copy of the email that I had sent above earlier
using TB 3.0.1

3. Now, when I go back to TB 3.0.1, and access the sent-mail folder on
my IMAP server, I still see above message in the sent-mail folder that
I already had deleted the message earlier using the other email client
from the other PC.

4. When I click the message in the sent-mail folder, it comes up
blank. This is understandable since the message has been deleted
already. Basically just the headers, no message body.

Why would TB still show the message in sent-mail folder if that
message has already been deleted?.

Is this expected behavior or a bug in TB?. I hope that I'm not
confusing my description. Thanks