On 19 Dec 2009, 18:03, Tim Kuzniar wrote:
> On 12/19/2009 10:01 AM, Ron Hunter wrote:
> > On 12/19/2009 7:43 AM, Keith Nuttle wrote:
> >> For the average user reading the problem expressed on this newsgroup.

> >> I have installed TB3.0 on two Windows XP computers. When installed I had
> >> to relearn some of the setting to get the toolbars to work as I wanted
> >> them. I had been using a couple of addons that would not work on TB 3.0
> >> and I had to use the latest beta of Lightning to obtain the calender
> >> functions.

> >> After learning about the new version, I am quite satisfied with TB3.0.
> >> It is quite fast and I am learning more about the many new subtle
> >> features (and there are many) that makes it easier to review your email
> >> and newsgroups.

> >> If anyone is holding off updating to TB3.0 because of all of the
> >> comments on this newsgroups, to go ahead and upgrade. I think you will
> >> be quite happy with the new version.

> > ONLY if you are patient, and don't have to set up any POP3 accounts.

> I've read the many complaints about TB3.0 on this site and have to
> wonder what all the fuss is about...
> I've been using version 2.x on both my laptop and desktop since it was
> released.
> The other day I downloaded version 3.0 and installed it.
> It picked up all of my settings from the existing profile, including the
> Address Book, all of my email accounts and all the changes I made to
> tweak the user interface.
> And it works fine..!
> True, there were several add-ons that were disabled due to
> incompatibility, but that was to be expected. I've since found
> replacements and upgrades for about a third of what I was using.
> In short, if you're just asking TB3.0 to take over for your old TB2.x
> install, don't wait -- just go ahead and do it.
> Kudos to the development team for this great upgrade..!

Well be careful on this upgrade as my installation is not at all happy
- or at lest I'm not at all happy with TB3 and am looking to go back
to TB2.

OK the install went OK - no glitches at all.

But - I now have the Smart Folders thing which I don't seem to be able
to edit to get rid of the extra folders. My list of folders now
exceeds the pane length,and that is a PAIN.

The "Welcome to Thunderbird" flash screen jumps up at me momentarily
every time I open an email.

And worst of all every so often the list of mails in my in-box just
gets wiped - reload the screen and they are OK, but why the wiping.