On Jan 4, 11:23*am, KristleBawl wrote:
> Pat expressed an opinion:
> > Just a few comments after using the new version for a while:

> > First, a very good thing: the older version of TBird on my computer
> > was properly configured (POP/SMTP), and version 3.0 picked up that
> > configuration, no problem. The new buttons seem useful.

> > In Between: I'm not all that enamored with tabbed mail browsing,
> > however. That may take some getting used to.

> > Next, not so good: I'm used to a setup with my left pane showing the
> > TBird folders when I first start up, and staying there. At least
> > sometimes that pane has to be opened manually by clicking on the
> > header. I'm not sure why that's considered a "feature," it feels
> > like a bug, or I need to (re)configure something so that pane doesn't
> > hide itself, and haven't figured out the fix yet.

> > Finally, my ex-wife has aMacwith the previous version of TBird
> > installed. She's used to that version and dislikes changes to the
> > interface. Will version 2 of TBird be forced to an upgrade to 3.0 at
> > some point?

> 1- Yes, my upgrade was flawless, and some of the new button are handy.
> 2- Right, I have no need or desire for tabbed email or newsgroups.
> 3- This needs investigating, because I don't have that problem. Under
> what circumstances does the view change? Is it after using a tab? Is it
> after having Tb3 minimized?It might be related to the Smart Folders
> issue experienced by Jay Garcia in another thread. If so, the fix is in
> the works.
> 4- For now, there's nothing wrong with keeping her computer familiar and
> comfortable. There are add-ons already working that make parts of Tb3
> look and act like Tb2. Soon, I think there will be enough options and
> themes updated to satisfy her preferences enough to make upgrading
> reasonably painless.
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Does anybody know how to - painlessly! - move Thunderbird (v 3) files
and settings from (a) one user account to another on a Mac? (b) one
Mac to another Mac? Your advice would be most appreciated!