On Dec 19 2009, 1:04*pm, wrote:
> I am a new user trying to switch from Outlook Express to Thunderbird 3
> because I may have to move to Windows 7 soon.
> In OE there is a button to "compact all folders". *I cannot find a similar
> option in TB3. Am I just missing it?
> I did find:
> 1. compact "a" folder, but that is tedious to go through all the folders one
> at a time.
> 2. Tools/Options: Compact all folders when it will save over .... KB, butI
> prefer to decide when to do this rather than automatically.
> 3. The TB help files suggested an add-on called Xpunge 0.3 but it does not
> work past TB 2.
> Any other utility for TB3 to add the functionality of having one place to
> click to compact all folders at once?
> Thanks.
> Jeff

Thunderbird 3...
File ---> Compact Folders

This compacts the selected folder and all sub-folders..