On Jan 4, 8:11*am, "Beauregard T. Shagnasty"
> Ken Whiton wrote:
> > In your Sent folder copy, what does View --> Source (or show
> > for the contents of the To and Bcc fields?

> I believe you meant ... * ;-)
> In my Tb2, the source of the sent message does not show any of the BCCs.

I do see all of some dozen BCCs in the source view of my test sent
message, but they are (unexpectedly to me) listed near the very top of
the window, just below "X-Mozilla-Keys: ". I always first look for
the BCC header somewhere near or below TO or FROM. I am now using TB3
on WinXP3, but my recollection is that TB2/XP3 did the same thing in
source view of sent messages.

Also, the OP said he sees *one* BCC. Question: Is there the word
"more" in bold on that line? If so, clicking it should reveal more
BCC addresses. Also, try using View-->Headers-->All, and watch for a
scroll bar in the header panel (scroll bar can appear in either ALL or
NORMAL header view).