fully agree; want to get rid of the special accounts/folders also
because it makes it all look very confusing;
also, there is a problem with folders, once removed, stil showing up
in tree. Also, a copy of a (big) tree of folders with messages in it
from local account folder to mail-account folder is not complete (TB
breaks off the copy without noticing, ending up with an incomplete
copy of the original. Lucky I did a check!). All very annoying! I
think you are right going back to previous version. I guess I will
wait for a (hopefully upcoming update0 a while

On 20 dec, 07:06, willshak wrote:
> I went back to after trying TB 3.
> I now have another useless 'special account' folder besides the useless
> 'special account' Local Folders.
> Why do we need Smart Folders and why didn't it disappear when I went
> back to TB
> I don't need the Local or Smart folders since I have filters to sort all
> my received and sent mail and news into subfolders of my own making. I
> have never used the Local Folders and there has never been anything in them.
> I could never delete or remove the Local Folder account and now I can't
> delete the empty Smart Folder either.
> --
> Bill
> Firefox 3.5.6
> Thunderbird