On Nov 9, 1:19*am, Herman Viaene wrote:
> > Precisely. Attachments are fine - but nearly all the HTML messages that
> > I want to forward (and everyone else's that I know of) have embedded
> > images and, as you confirm, they *do not* work, nor ever have done.

> I just forwarded an e-mail with an embedded image (an animated one) to
> another account of mine and it works perfectly *- as it always did.
> ..
> So, I don't understand where the problem is.
> Herman Viaene

You are very lucky.
For most Thunderbird users, this problem is as described.
Inline images are lost when forwarded.
Instead of the image one simply sees an empty rectangle frame.
I have used Thunderbird in both Windows XP and Linux (Fedora) for
several years and this is
the way it has always worked.