On Oct 27, 1:37*pm, Gualtier Malde wrote:
> kap...@example.com wrote:
> > I have been gettingthe subject message plus "Please check that your
> > mail and newsgroup settings are correct" intermittently during
> > composition recently. *Today it saved one or more versions
> > automatically without generating the error message while I am
> > composing a long e-mail,, but after that every auto save or manual
> > save seems to generate the message while I am composing this long
> > e-mail.

> > Any idea how to fix this would be appreciated.

> > TB Home Premium up to date.

> If you will forgive the longish narrative below, it may help you deal with this.
> I write a monthly newsletter for an organization. *I get information that
> trickles in and so I am constantly upgrading the newsletter to its final form,
> keeping it in a folder called "Next letter".
> Like you, I like to save letters and messages I am composing in increments, and
> it usually works. *But if I paste a hunk from a .pdf file or some otherthing,
> the next time I try to save the message (after having saved it once) I receive
> that error message.
> This NG gave me a lot of advice about deleting the .msf file from the
> Thunderbird profile, and that worked, but it was a nuisance.
> So finally I just avoided saving as often and, when I did save, to close the
> newsletter message, go to Drafts and bring the newly saved copy to my Next
> Letter folder (they add up, rather than overwriting), and the next time IEdit
> as New I'll be able to save, once, again.
> It doesn't solve the problem, but it lets you get on with life.

This happens in the background when you are composing and are using
auto save.
It only happens when there are images in the text some people use in
their emails, and you are including that text, which people do
frequently when replying to someone's email.
It does not always happen. So I do not know what particular images
cause this, and which do not. The problem only goes away when you
manually find and delete the offending image (usually a tiny thing).