On Sep 11, 5:15*pm, prop...@nowhere.ca wrote:
> tjoen wrote:
> > slywlf wrote:
> >> tjoen wrote:
> >>> slywlf wrote:
> >>>> Your filters do not work because the msgFilterRules.dat file, which
> >>>> contains your filters, could not be read.

> >>> Compare msgFilterRules.dat with rulesbackup.dat
> >>> They are ASCII files
> >> Compare how? I am not even sure what to use to open them.

> > I remember from my DOS time that there was a cmp.exe
> > With type.exe you can read the content. In my file
> > I see only:
> > version="8"
> > logging="no"

> FWIW....that's the extent of my msgFilterRules.dat and also of my
> wife's, who uses her own account. The file rulesbackup.dat doesn't
> appear to be on my system but, if I understand correctly, this file is
> only generated if there is a problem with msgFilterRules.dat....which
> AFAIK, I have not experienced. :-)- Hide quoted text -
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I had this problem and it was a rather easy fix. I was enticed to
check my server settigns and noticed that the drive being pointed to
in each of my accounts was pointing to my old F drive. Since my info
is on a USB drive, Something changed the Drive letter to G. Once I
changed the path to the hard drive on all of my accounts, this
resolved the issue. My filters not only appeared again, but they even
worked. It is odd how it would still allow me to view my mail