I'm in a totally screwed situation since I switched on my computer
after returning from a week long vacation. I have been using TB since
many years and manage my gmail, hotmail, yahoo, and 3-4 other email
accounts (All POP except 1 IMAP).

As I said, as soon as I opened my client, I see only INBOX & DELETED
folders for my gmail, hotmail, yahoo and my university email account
(all POP access). I had dozens of custom folders in each account, with
1000s of emails from over the years. Strangely I cannot even see the
Sent and Draft folders on any of these accounts. However, another of
my IMAP accounts is absolutely fine with all the folders intact. Also,
3 POP accounts, which I had created 1 month ago, and which contained
to folders or too many messages, are absolutely fine with the regular
Inbox, Deleted, Drafts and Sent folders. Beats me why!

Also, I cannot see a single message filter inspite of having dozens.

When I started TB, it started to download the current emails in Inbox.
Also my antivirus program (AVG Free) showed me a virus alert saying
"Virus Identified Win32/Tanatos.O" in the process ".../Mozilla
Thunderbird/thunderbird.exe" but could not heal it :-(

I'm absolutely clueless about whats happening. Is it a problem due to
some virus? Or some screw-up with the profile settings? How can I

I'd really appreciate any clue on how to do further investigation, and
even more importantly, how can I restore/recover all my folders with
their messages.

Thanks a ton