I am making a switch from Mail.app to Thunderbird on Mac OSX 10.6.1.
Mail.app refused to play nicely with MS Outlook and Windows Live Mail,
and unfortunately thats enough of a reason why I can't use it.
Entourage takes forever to load and do anything, and constantly has to
rebuild database.

So...im trying out Thunderbird 3.0b4 and have a few questions to get
set up:

1. Is there anyway to change the email priority icons from text into
an icon?

2. How can i set column views for multiple folders at one time? I have
a 100 folders and do not want to reorganize every folder one by one.

3. How do i import addresses from Address Book into Thunderbird? I
know it shows Address Book as a list, but I'd like the ability to
import as well.

4. Is there anyway to force show all contacts at top of header? I dont
want to have to click "more" on every single email to ensure certain
people have been CC'ed, and I dont want to show full headers all the
time since that shows lots of items i dont need to know.