On Sep 26, 6:01*pm, Jack Bauer wrote:
> Jack Bauer wrote:

> Three problems with all the responses that say to use 'Edit as New'.
> First, it sends mail BOTH to me and the original recipient which is kind
> of weird and not what I want. So that requires more editing to get it to
> work correctly.

I am using TB and I do not see this happening (and I do use
"Reply-To" headers). Perhaps you have yourself in CC or BCC as others
have suggested.

> Second, it is too hard to find and not at all intuitive. It should be
> right there with the reply button.

Sorry, the current arrangement of the menus is "intuitive" and easy to
find for me. Fortunately, one of the great things about Mozilla
products is the customization available with addons. There are
addons for rearranging the menus and deleting unused (by you) options
in the menus, etc. etc. There's even an addon to add a button for
"Edit As New," and you can then put that button anywhere you want in
the toolbar. See
Edit As New 0.2

> Third, you have all skipped over the problem I cited at the end here.
> Reply sometimes send mail to me and sometimes to the original recipient.
> I know the why, but it still is wrong and very inconsistent. Of course
> some techno-geek will say that it IS correct because the system is only
> doing what it can and you aren't supposed to reply to sent messages,
> etc., etc.
> Let's end the rationalizations and get this thing to work the way people
> need it to.

Now you are talking about "Reply" again, rather than "Edit As New."
Try "Edit As New" on your Sent messages and see what the results are
then. Also, sorry again, but techo-geeks are people too (I may or may
not be a techo-geek, but I definitely am a people). And TB does
already work the way I need it to, especially since there are so many
things that are truly easy to change with addons.

Hope this helps,