On Sep 1, 3:53*am, Miles wrote:
> * Jordon wrote, On 8/31/2009 07:49:
> > Miles wrote:
> >> Sent this msg today to bugzilla regarding this 5 year old bug:

> >> *https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=282841

> >> This continues to drive me buggy for about 5 years. * It continues that
> >> frequently cannot copy a card from the PAB to another AB. Usually, but
> >> not always can 1st copy from the PAB to a list included in the PAB, then
> >> copy from there to another AB. *But then it isn't copied, it is usually
> >> moved, so then need to copy it back to the list under the PAB.

> >> Today spent 3 hours attempting to add a half a dozen addresses and could
> >> not complete and will not waste any more time. *Will no longer use TB AB
> >> and will use the one in Windows -- presumably that also means that I
> >> won't be using TB to send/receive mail since there the addresses are not
> >> accurate. *Sorry to say adios!

> > You can't click and drag addresses from the AB into a list?
> > Or to another address book? Works for me. I do it all the time.

> > Hint: Use the control key when copying from one AB to another.
> > When copying to a list, just click and drag.

> Thanks, but I've also tried control (both right & left)/drag, but no
> change. *In fact, there's one card left in PAB which won't move. *I've
> even deleted and replaced it and it still won't budge. *Cannot drag it
> to a list or to another AB. *So guess my only choice is to re-create
> it wherever needed (6 places)! *And it does contain an email address
> as well as other pertinent fields are completed.

I had this problem too, but ws able to fix it by exporting the AB to
an LDIF file, deleting the book from TB, then re-importing it from the
LDIF file.
Worth a shot.